Being Half German Half Geordie


Having a German mother and a northern father is the perfect equation for a bizarre childhood. You would think that my accent is odd, well it is kind off, my friends have put a lot of effort into helping me pronounce “puff” and “bowling”.  I have an odd mixture of the German, Geordie and the Southern Oxfordshire Cotswold accent intwined in my own with perhaps a hint of Scottish.

Whenever I visit my German relatives I cannot help but speak with an over exaggerated accent and constantly saying “nah” it’s the only way I can communicate with my hilarious German family, whereas my brothers main priority is knowing how to say I want cake and ice cream in Duetsch. Whenever I visit cold Northumberland my father finds it funny forcing me to buy Pepsi using his mother accent, I always fail and get odd looks, the cashier always seems a bit perplexed with why a white girl is speaking with an Indian accent, no matter how hard I try the Geordie accent is the most difficult to master.



Smokey Taboo

Smokey Taboo

Cocorosie has been a hit on youtube with almost 2 million views for the piece of music called Lemonade, but I think this song is also rather good because it gives of the north american vibe. This track is from their album Grey Oceans, it got released in 2010 and has a lot of fantastic tunes.

I have been a fan for about eight months I honestly don’t know how eye stumbled on this music, but I believe that if you are partial to the odd bit of freak folk and alternative electronica, the band Cocorosie is astounding. The music is incredibly interesting to listen to and nothing like you will hear on the radio. Mostly it’s the riff that gives this music it’s hypnotic appeal, it’s also rather strange.

Warning do not under any circumstances play this at a party you are hosting,  because people with think that you either ate magic mushrooms or that your just generally insane.  

The World Without


Oh god forbid Harry Potter novels never existing! For the Harry Potter generation, i.e people around the same age as me, the thought of a childhood without frantically reading the books 1-7 over and over again until you become so obsessive that you need to find suggestions of Dumbledore’s homosexuality and Hagrid’s celibacy for fun seems like a very depressing childhood indeed. Yes I am a geek.

Imagine a world where Rowling never accomplished publishing her fantastic books, I cant imagine anything that will replace the happiness Harry Potter gave me. Children want books they can relate too and something like Enid Blyton fails to deliver that. What if Twilight became the phenomena that replaced Harry Potter, the thought of that makes me want to puke up in a bucket. Honestly who can relate to beautiful, perfect, unaging Vampires!

Every school year I would eagerly await the release of Rowling’s next book or the next film, and it would be the highlight of that boring school year. I watched the first film when I was only eight and that’s when I was caught up in the world of Harry Potter. The last film came out on my last compulsory school year, I thought I could cope with the end of an era, but on the way home I blubbed like a baby. I know it’s rather embarassing, but I am not ashamed of being a fan of Harry Potter, it’s better then Twilight reminding you that you will never be as good as the beautiful spectrum that is a Vampire. The end of the Harry Potter films for me meant that it was time to grow up.

Characters like Hermione set an excellent example for someone who wants to do well in school, she is focused, has good morals and goes beyond academic expectations, whereas Bella throws away everything to be with a stupid Vampire she even gets pregnant at a very young vulnerable age, so who do you prefer out of the two? Without Hermione God knows what the young of today will be doing, I even heard of  a documentary about some Texas teenagers that find it fun self harming and sucking each others blood, they are convinced that they are either Vampires or Werewolves, now that to me sounds pretty unhealthy.

I have to admit I was expecting an acceptance letter to Hogwarts, for a second I could have sworn I did magic, but atleast I diddn’t go manic like Twilight fans when I didn’t get what I want. I can cope with being a muggle!

I think Harry Potter has made growing up a bit more easier, because you have Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley by your side going through the same miserable ordeals of exams, stupid teachers and dimwitted prats like Crabbe and Goyle annoying you everyday.


I think Christmas truly is the best time of the year. There are many things I love about Christmas and these are a few of them:

  1. The weather! I love getting wrapped up in thick fairisle knits and chunky jackets. I think the colour it gives people’s complexions is so adorable, I can never get enough of seeing my breath in the frosty cold.
  2. The food! Christmas markets are high on my list of priorities, Crepes, Bratwurst, Cookies, Chocolate, Mince pies, Turkey, Stuffing, Roast potatoes and Hot Chocolate, Christmas is just food galore and I don’t care if it temporarily makes me a chunky monkey. German Christmas markets are the place to go!
  3. The decorations! There is nothing I dislike more than tacky decorations, and by this I mean tinsel and flashy multi coloured lights thrown on a plastic tree. I prefer minimalistic white lights with Villeroy and Boch, real trees with their odd unsymmetrical splendor, the colours have to be rich and dark. I am a snob when it comes to Christmas decorations. I love spending time with my family and decorating the house.
  4. Television! The Christmas specials of beloved comedies are a highlight of Christmas day, I always get out the fantastic Christmas films such as The Polar Express and a Christmas Carol.
  5. The Music! Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the mindless repetitive, out dated, tacky music, it gets in my head and even though most of it is pure crap I can’t help but sing along to it.

I know everybody probably has the same list as me, but we need to remember the less fortunate out there and go out of our way to make their Christmas a bit more special.

The Perfect Building

Everyone is transfixed with their own ideologies of the perfect life. As a sixteen year old the thought of owning a property is something far into the future, but always playing on my mind. I become rather geeky when surrounded by outstanding architecture, I am particularly fond of Tudor buildings, because each building has its own unique plan, which gives them character.

Growing up in an environment riddled with happy rich couples living in Cotswold renovated farms.  I want to have a house reflecting the surroundings from which I was raised. I am obsessed with the idea of the tranquil and minimalistic old outer layer of buildings meeting an odd mixture of both modern and vintage interior. I have spent a lot of time daydreaming of what kind of property I want.

I know this all sounds very greedy, but I can’t help it.  Every time I walk to my school bus stop I pass through magnificent garish stately houses, and minute little cottages clinging on to each other, this picturesque scene could be mistaken for the Victorian period it look so unspoiled and I don’t think beauty should ever be tarnished.

I love reading The Selby, I would be happy with any house in that, honestly if you are looking for inspirational ideas on your home I would advise you read The Selby and watch the recent series of Grand Designs. But your pockets will have to be deep, unless your find some genius alternative ideas just as good. Or you could just not listen to a sixteen year old that doesn’t know anything.

My obsession of properties is probably rather unhealthy for a girl my age, especially when there isn’t any guarantee of getting my own building that I believe is perfect. Alas I have a plan, I either marry a rich man whom I hate, win the lottery (both these are unlikely), work hard at school and get a well paid job, or become a Vicar and get my own little parish with a quaint little Vicarage, like the Vicar of Dibley.